So you want to be a knight…

Being a member of the Knights of Columbus is one of the best and easiest decisions you can ever make. You’ll be surprised at the unexpected benefits you’ll receive as a brother knight. The immediate feeling of belonging to a fraternity and brotherhood is only the beginning. Aside from the network of fellow catholic brothers, you’ll soon experience the feeling of self-worth as contributing members of the parish and local community. Jump in and support fun events whenever you can – even as few as 24 hours per year! Often times we hear first-hand from the recipients how grateful they are for our help during their toughest times. The knights boast a world-class insurance and financial planning program that you can trust all the way to the bank! Private insurance companies can’t match what we do, and here’s why: With several BILLION in policies already, we are able to pay out to members families immediately upon a knights’ death. We also offer other high-rate saving / annuity programs that get customized to your situation. Remember when saving at the bank was a good idea? …everything is voluntary and up to you!

Let’s get you going – here’s how to do it:

1. You likely know a fellow member from church (could be an usher) or maybe a

neighbor that would gladly sponsor you as a new member…just ask them.


2. Contact our Membership Director: [email protected] 


3. Fill out the Form Below

St. Hubert – Harrison Twp & St. Louis – Clinton Twp

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